Amitabh Bachchan buys a fifth bungalow in Juhu!

The superstar picks up a Rs 50 crore pad to add to the list of exclusive properties owned by him

Fans who throng outside Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow Jalsa in Juhu will now be even more confused as to where they could wait to catch a glimpse of the superstar and his family. Reason being, Big B has recently struck a deal for a new bungalow in the vicinity.

In fact, it shares a common wall with Jalsa – the place where the Bachchans reside currently, and the plan is to bring down that wall so as to merge the two homes. This brings the tally of total bungalows that they own in Juhu to five – Prateeksha, Janak, Vatsa, Jalsa and now, the new unnamed property. The Bachchans have paid a cool Rs 50 crore for the 750 sq yard plot which gives them around 8,000 sq feet of liveable space.

Five bungalows may be a bit too much but with four superstars under one wing, it’s only fair wethinks!