Amitabh Bachchan on Australian honour: I’m most humbled

The legendary actor has been recognised for his contribution to Indian cinema by the Australian government, in an event in Mumbai to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema

Amitabh Bachchan has been honoured by the Australian government for his contribution towards Indian cinema, in a felicitation ceremony in Mumbai on November 21. The actor shared on his blog, “Another recognition by the Australian Government and its Commission here in Mumbai, in celebration for the 100 years of Indian Cinema, and my contribution towards fructifying the relations between the two countries…I am most humbled…”

He also wrote on his Facebook page: “The Australian High Commission organises an event to honor 100 years of the Indian Cinema, by putting up a film show of the actress Fearless Nadia, at the historic and important cinema delight of the past years – the Liberty Cinema … still the same in its old glory and art deco. The OzFest it is called travels to 18 cities of the country with their machinery promoting the links of friendship and togetherness between our two countries .. They honor me too with a plaque signifying a unifying factor of our cultures, and i am most humbled .. The film they show on screen is the Diamond Queen, starring Fearless Nadia and as it unfolds on screen a live Australian orchestra along with some Indian musicians play background music in fusion fashion giving the entire film an uplifting effect … quite unique and innovative …”

Congratulations to Big B!