Amitabh Bachchan on Karva Chauth: There is always that feeling of guilt that we men, husbands go through

Karva Chaut might seem like a tiring ritual women in India follow as they pray for long lives of their husbands. Of course, in the past as well, many debates have been brought up where the matter of women choosing and women being imposed with this festival have popped up. That discussion might still go on for there’s so much to divulge on the subject. However, as today, women in India celebrate the festival, fasting for the long lives of their husbands, here’s Mr Bachchan wishing them all a merry one. Amitabh Bachchan has always been very vocal about these subjects via his blog. And once again, through the same medium, he has spoken about how he feels guilty and that many men feel the same as their wives stay hungry. While he spoke, with great respect, for the auspicious occasion, he also added how many men in the religion react to their wives fasting on this day.

In his blog, Mr Bachchan started by stating, “On the occasion of ‘karaka chaturthi’ or that which is more commonly known as ‘karva chauth’, my greetings to all .. wives in particular, who shall fast the entire day until they see the moon at night, all for the welfare of their husbands .. Some traditions never die ..” Well, you got that one right Big B! Haven’t we all already argued about why women follow this tradition and why they must stop? All to no avail though. It’s hard to withdraw off some practices or values that have been imbibed in us since ages. (ALSO READ: Sarkar 3 first look: Ram Gopal Varma reveals the powerful star cast of this much awaited sequel and Amitabh Bachchan is definitely a part of it)

However, Bachchan Sr also added, “BUT as I prepare to rest, the ladies and wives of the house shall be readying themselves for the prayer ritual before the sun rises, for the fast they keep on ‘karva chauth’ which has already fallen for the 19th .. it is a joy to see the devotion and care they take over this festive moment, one that has prevailed mostly in the northern parts of the country, and how they revere each and every ritual, done with the exactitude of immense finesse .. there is always that feeling of guilt that we men, husbands go through .. but what does one do .. many husbands fast along with the wives in a wave of great sympathy .. others go off to work and come back in time to search for the moon at night, so their wives can start eating by breaking their fast .. search for the moon .. yes search .. because the moon on just this particular night takes its own time to appear .. which looks kind of conspiratorial .. but thats how Mr Moon wishes to behave ..”

In the same post, Big B had also revealed about Sarkar 3. We had reported how the third part of Sarkar was to have Yami Gautam in a never seen before avatar. Well, just like every year, the Bachchan house also celebrates the festival as Jaya Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan hold fasts for their husbands. It’s sweet!

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