Amitabh Bachchan photographed with Rekha & Shahrukh Khan hugging Salman Khan: Bollywood’s most awkward moments

These pictures clearly prove that even our superstars face those niggling awkward moments. See it to believe how cleverly they deal with those inevitable encounters

When the big daddy of Bollywood – Amitabh Bachchan obliged to take a picture with a pilot of a domestic airline, little did the superstar know that the gracious act was going to land him into the thick of a juicy controversy. The pic soon went viral because the camera spotted a sleeping Rekha right behind the Shehenshah of Bollywood!

Sources close to Big B claim that the 71-year-old actor had no clue about the presence of his ‘good friend’ in the backseat but the picture has clearly refreshed the actor’s colourful bygone years. Many even questioned if the silisila of the duo’s once romantic relationship has been reignited? Some journos, who are in the good books of Bachchan, claim that the superstar was travelling to Chennai and he had no clue about the presence of his fellow passenger. But how believable is that explanation is highly questionable as the coincidence is too close to be dismissed as an accident!

And certainly this is not the first time when Big B had to deal with some uncomfortable situations. Remember how he had chosen to avoid the Kanjeevaram-clad lady even in the recent past when she had turned up to greet Abhi-Ash at an ward function? After indulging in the customary let-me-rub-my-cheek-against-yours commotion with the young guns, Rekha moved towards the super stylish superstar. And just when everyone thought that there would be a classic moment when the two would encounter each other and could probably produce the finest photo-ops of all time, there arrived a twist in the tale. Just before Rekha was about to move past Ash who was sitting right next to her superstar father-in-law, the quick thinking on Big B’s part saved the embarrassing moment. He simply got up from the chair and walked away from what could have been a dramatic scene of the decade.

Now taking cue from our senior stars, even our Khan brigade have learnt the lessons. When the two arch-rivals of B-town Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan found themselves in an awkward moment the duo decided to save the situation by hugging each other at an Iftar party. If you watch the pictures carefully you will know that the two did not even bother to look at each other even as they smiled for the cameras to produce that intensely fake warm gesture. Clearly, the hug was not a genuine jaadu ki jhappi!

And then we spotted Sallu once again turning uncomfortable at suburban Mumbai studio where Sr Bachchan decided to meet him. The two were even seen chatting with each other as Big B enquired bhai about his improving health. He even hugged Sallu. But going by the subtle signs that bhai’s body displayed on meeting Big B, one can clearly sense that how quickly he wore that plastic smile to look cordial and warm. BollywoodLifers, now you tell us your take on these pictures!