Amrish Shah: Don is not a villain!

Amrish Shah: Don is not a villain!

We caught up with Amrish Shah, co-writer of Don 2, to find out if Don ko pakadna mumkin hai (Is it possible to catch Don)?

Amrish Shah was floored when he saw Farhan Akhtar’s Don. “I simply loved his treatment,” he said. But the story didn’t end there. “I could see the character of ‘Don’ going to the next level,” he explains, apparently awed by the fact that a character could be so sharp and cunning that he got the good guy killed and walked away scot free. So he went to Farhan with the idea. “He loved it.” Amrish grins. And Don 2 was born. But, guess what! Even after being so closely associated with the character, ‘Don’ is not Amrish’s favourite villain. Why? “Don is not a villain!” an exasperated Amrish exclaims. “He is just a negative guy who happens to play the hero.” Hmm, point taken, Mr script-writer. But will this negative hero hook the audience? “The movie will leave you breathless,” Amrish promises. While some critics definitely don’t think so, tell us what your take on this movie is…

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  • Lucy

    Believ me i hav seen Don 2 and its one of the finest action movies ever made.
    .SRK as a don and his performance was the life of the film ..i accept was not a good movie made but pls watch Don 2 it will blow u away. Best movie of 2011 . Watch it 2twice in 3D & 2D.

  • wangchuk

    i give garentee that don 2 will not cross his time is gone man. he suit as the lover boy.i wish he plays as a lover boy which has made him king khan.

  • smak

    belive me u need2 watch don2 4 anyreason………..tis kind of movie u dont get 2 often in bollywood………..its theeeee bestmovie