AMRIT MANTHAN: Mohan Kapur to save Nimrit

The veteran actor will enter the show as a billionaire hotelier who helps Nimrit take revenge

Mohan Kapur is set to enter TV show Amrit Manthan as protagonist Nimrit’s saviour after her accident. He will be seen as hotelier SJ Oberoi and says that as the shows progresses he becomes like a father figure to her.

“It is a role of a billionaire hotelier, but that part comes into play later. It starts with my character discovering our leading lady (Nimrit, played by Ankita Sharma) in an accident. He saves her life and takes care of her. He is happy that she is alive and God has given him an opportunity to take care of her,” Mohan Kapur said.

It will be seen that Mohan’s character too went through a personal tragedy.  “So this is like a catharsis for him and he treats her like his daughter. As the story unfolds, he discovers the wrong done to her and he becomes her support system and pillar of strength. He becomes like a father figure to her,” Mohan said. “The character is very positive and robust. He loves life and believes in positivity that life brings along,” he added. He has started shooting for the show and will be introduced in the coming weeks.

Amrit Manthan is not Mohan’s first show on Life Ok! He was also seen in Hum Ne Li Hai..Shapath. Mohan feels that Amrit Manthan was the best show with which he could return to the channel. “It is a predominant character and it was a good opportunity for me to come back on the channel,” the actor said. “I know the way the character has been envisaged and the way he supports the leading lady will create an impact. But more than my character, the jugalbandi of my character and the heroine and what we do now, will create an impact,” he added. “The people, who are there, have already established the show and have made it so successful. I will be looking up to them for their support and guidance,” he said.