Amrita Rao is back…for her 15 seconds of fame?

Resurrected from making ‘special appearances’ to playing a role of sorts in Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha, it seems like Amrita Rao is hanging on tight to her 15 seconds of fame

If there was a comeback checklist that an actor had to follow to make a successful return to films, then Amrita Rao has pretty much ticked all the boxes there may be. Change look from ‘girl next door’ to ‘item-girl next door…check! Date a producer’s son (read Harman Baweja)….check! Do special appearances in bigger films….check!

And now, the final box one has been ticked too, which goes something like ‘make grandiose claims when given a bit role in a big film’….check! In a recent interview the Love U…Mr. Kalakaar! actor said that 99 percent of her role in Prakash Jha’s latest film Satyagraha is alongside Amitabh Bachchan. That may be, but it does not mean that she is in the film 99 percent of the time, no? And alongside this gal and Mr B are other biggies like Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpayee and Ajay Devgn, so it is not likely that hamari Amrita will be seen, heard or noticed, except by her diehard fans.

But no worries, Amu love, for there is still hope for you in the form of Jolly LLB. The comedy featuring Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi looks interesting and could turn out to be a hit, you never know! And if and when it does, you can go ahead and take all the credit, just like Anil Kapoor did when he reached the Oscars stage before the director of the movie to collect the statuette. Until then, we’d rather your work speaks…a little louder, please.