Amy Jackson: I am not in a relationship with Prateik

The couple continues to refute rumours that they are in a relationship, despite every photograph that we spot them in actually stating otherwise

We recently found a photograph of Amy Jackson and Prateik in which the two have tattooed each other’s names on their forearms. Now isn’t that evidence enough that they are head over heels in love with each other? (Although we aren’t quite sure about what they would they do with the tattoos, if God forbid, they break up someday.) That’s why hiding inside the closet, especially when everything is out there in the open is, we think, a ridiculous thing to do. Yet, Amy continues to deny that she is dating Prateik. Amy also recently said in one of her interviews that she had a boyfriend back in England, but her relationship didn’t work ‘coz of certain difficult circumstances. Along with confessing that she did date at one point of time, she also stated vehemently that she remains unaffected with all the gossip revolving around her. Amy has till now denied living-in with Prateik, loving him and kissing him at a party; and we really wonder how long she will continue concealing her romance with her Ekk Deewana Tha co-star. We suggest you stop getting so worked up, Amy, ‘coz the linking-up rumours have just begun. And honestly there’s more to come, that is only if you plan to stay around in the industry long enough!