Anand Gandhi to work with Kiran Rao on her next project

Ship of Theseus director Anand Gandhi will work with Kiran Rao again

Bollywood director Anand Gandhi, whose film Ship OF Theseus will be presented by Kiran Rao, says that he might work with the filmmaker again. “We are talking about it enthusiastically. We enjoy working with each other and discussing ideas. In the past couple of months we have become good friends. I am happy that she is making her film, I am very excited about giving her ideas which would be useful,” he said.

Talking about the genre of their next film, Gandhi said that he is waiting for Rao to make the formal announcement. “There is something which Kiran has in mind…it is better if we wait for her to announce it, whenever she does,” he said.

In the meantime, Gandhi is also excited about his another film Tumbaad which is a period drama. “There is another film which we just finished called Tumbaad. It is in the final stages of production. It should be ready by the end of this year. it is a dark period fantasy,” he said.