‘Anarkali’ turns a scatterbrain on her way to disco!

Booty-full babe Anarkali might have her moves in place, but the lady is the latest scatterbrain in B-town. Wanna know why?

Anarkali is one liberated woman. And here’s why – till now she’s been under the shadow of Salim, her lover, since time immemorial. But now the lass has decided to let go of it all and step out to have some fun. But guess what! While on her way to the disco Anarkali forgot a list of things that might have mattered, if Salim had been around. But now with an elusive new man on the block things are different. What’s more, Anarkali has now left her past behind and is on the threshold of liberation. And one wouldn’t expect her to care about worldly things like jhumkas and chandeliers at such a moment, right? She tells us all about it in the song and makes it sound as if none of it matters any more. And perhaps they don’t. After all, even without Salim, jhumkas and chandeliers, the courtesan-turned-item-girl is having the time of her life, no? Now that’s a free spirit!

Jhoomar bhi main bhool gayi, Jaane ja tere liye

Chandeliars also I forgot, Darling for you

Arrey jhumka bhi main bhool gayi, Jaane jaan tere liye

Dangling earrings also I forgot, Darling for you

Arrey main toh sab kuch bhool gayi, jaane ja tere liye

I forgot everything, Darling for you

Tere liye, tere liye, tere liye

For you, for you, for you

(Toh phir kya hua)

(Then what happened?)

Arrey chod chaad ke apne Salim ki gali

Leaving behind my Salim’s streets

Oye hoye chod chaad ke apne Salim ki gali

Oye hoye, leaving behind my Salim’s street

Dekh ke tujhko dil mein machi khalbali

Seeing you, in my heart there is commotion

Anarkali disco chali

Anarkali disco going