Anil Kapoor doesn’t want to sell his name

The Tezz actor has been pushing the boundaries as an actor but is reluctant about using his name to promote brands

Brand endorsements have become the order of the day and if rumours are to be believed, actors make more money by lending their names to brands than from their acting assignments. Anil Kapoor has been evolving as an actor and has been trying to make a dent in Hollywood too. He is probably going through one of the best phases in his career and has a bunch of films on his platter. Surprisingly, unlike almost all of his colleagues who have jumped at endorsements, Anil has stayed away from doing advertisements (except for the one he did at the behest of his daughter Sonam Kapoor), and he has a rigid stance about doing so. In a recent interview he said, “We are actors and I believe in selling talent, not my name. I have nothing against actors who do more commercials than films. But I personally believe that if I am film actor, then acting in films is what I should be doing in that capacity. If I am choosy about my films, I am super choosy about the brands. Money has never been my driving force.” Wethinks it is good to see an actor who is committed to his craft and we hope this inspires his colleagues to perfect their act before they go around selling colas and fairness creams. Do you agree?

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