Anil Kapoor: I wasn’t launched by anybody

We caught the Tezz actor in a different mood, not his usual ebullient, professional self. This time, he was more personal, speaking candidly about his family – his wife Sunita, daughters Sonam and Rhea, son Harshwardhan and nephew Arjun Kapoor

Talking to Anil Kapoor is like taking a joyful rollercoaster ride. Ask him anything and he’ll amuse you with some of the most honest and bindaas answers you can get from anyone. Sometimes he won’t respond seriously, deliberately aiming to make you laugh. At times he goes off at a tangent and gives you new insight into what he is all about. Anil doesn’t mind being probed, because he has a positive reply for almost anything. Currently promoting his soon-to-release thriller with director Priyadarshan, the 53-year-old says that he’s still fit enough to do an action film. And apart from his exercise and balanced diet, it’s his state of mind that has helped him survive the tough world that is Bollywood.

“I don’t think about how many hit films some other actor has had or whether someone else is getting paid more than me. You can’t compare yourself with the neighbour and say ‘Oh, he’s got a car while I am still taking the bus’. He might actually be sad on the inside. So you work hard and leave the rest be. You build your bank balance in a different sense. Exercise, eat good food and enjoy yourself, but don’t go over limit.” The conversation has been kick-started. While Anil’s career is still going strong (and global), his daughter and now his nephew have already entered the film industry. Ask him about the youngsters and he sets off….

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