Posted Mon, May 12, 2014 1:10pm IST

This season, it is raining sexual offenders and the glitzy B-town is getting mucky. The recurring instances of casting couch, sexual assault allegations and complaints made regarding molestation or sexual harassment paint a dirty picture of the film industry. Be it an aspiring actor or singer or a celebrated filmmaker, Bollywood has had its string of degenerates with tainted reputations.  We bring a list of the Bollywood reprobates whose acts shocked and shamed us.

Ankit Tewari: The Aashiqui 2 singer was recently arrested for raping his ex-girlfriend after having promised to marry her. The charges surfaced a few days back when as the victim’s sister lodged a complaint against the Sun Raha hai Na Tu singer for raping her sister. She also filed a complaint against the singer’s brother for threatening to kill the victim. Apart from other gory details what disgusted us the most about the case was Ankit’s statement, “She shouldn’t object to sex” and tried redeeming his horrendous actions under the pretext of promising to marry the victim. Our jaws dropped in shock and repugnance when we heard that the soulful singer was capable of such monstrosity.

Inder Kumar: Salman Khan’s close friend who is remembered for his roles in Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Wanted was held by the cops for sexually assaulting and torturing a 23-year old model. This debased actor didn’t stop at assault, he went on to burn the victim with cigarettes and attack her with beer bottles and forks. Although Kumar’s wife is trying the fight for her husband, the police reports prove that the actor is guilty. We were aghast and in disbelief when we heard about this case.

Subhash Kapoor: A small-time actor Geetika Tyagi leveled molestation charges against this Phass Gaye Re Obama filmmaker when she uploaded a video on Youtube which had her confronting and slapping the Jolly LLB director.  The director who has recently been roped in to direct the third installment of the Munnabhai franchise faced flak for his debauchery. While he managed to remain away from the media glare by maintaining a low profile, he was last seen celebrating his National Award win with close friends.

Om Puri: “My wife made me look cheap”, said Puri after his wife Nandita revealed ugly truths about the actor in a biography she penned. She wrote about Puri’s extra marital relationship with a woman named Lakshmi and his sexual engagements with their 14-year old maid Shanti. Puri’s acting talent has been acclaimed overseas but the revelation of his deep dark secrets brought him embarrassment.

Madhur Bhandarkar: The director who gave us ground-breaking films, Page 3 and Fashion thus revealing the murky side of Bollywood, got embroiled in a controversy himself when the budding actor Preeti Jain accused him of raping her under the false pretenses of marriage and giving her a lead role in his film. Jain’s claims were proven false by the police and Bhandarkar was acquitted. But like they say there is no smoke without fire, we get a feeling that there may be some truth in the allegations hurled at the celebrated director.

Shakti Kapoor: A leading media house conducted a sting operation on Shraddha Kapoor’s dad to reveal this Bollywood baddy’s true colors. The video footage had him saying things like “I want to make love to you … and if you want to come in this line [of business] you have to do what I am telling [you] to do,” to an aspiring actress. Honestly, this scandal came across as the least shocking of all because of Shakti’s indelible onscreen image as the bad guy. But then we thought of Crime Master Gogo, the scatterbrain don in the red cape from Andaaz Apna Apna and our heads drooped in despair.

Shiney Ahuja: The Gangster actor’s rape scandal became the most-talked about controversy in B-Town. The actor, who won a National Award for his performance in Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi, left the industry aghast when the court imprisoned him for raping his young maidservant. Ahuja’s promising acting career took the hit and went spiraling down after he was disgraced in 2010.