Ankita Lokhande on child abuse: It is very important to take a stand in such situations!

The popular telly actor, who will feature in Halla Bol ‘s episode on child abuse, says every person should stand up against such a social evil

Ankita Lokhande will share her viewpoints on child abuse in the upcoming episode of Bindass’ show Halla Bol, which narrates real life incidents of women heroes who have fought against injustice.

Ankita, known for her popular TV show Pavitra Rishta, will make an appeal to the young audiences to fight back instead of bearing the repercussions of child abuse. “It is very important to take a stand in such situations,” said Ankita.

Citing a true incident, she said: “Till today, I remember an incident about a girl in my school who used to be really quiet and aloof. As we got closer, we learned that her cousin would take advantage of her and that is when we asked her to take some action. Unfortunately, she did not do anything and hence, we informed her elder sister about it who brought it to her family’s notice and he was sent to a correctional facility.”

On the show, Ankita spoke about the approach one should have to such happenings and urged the youth to bring about a change in their mindset and behaviour.