Anniversary special: Why do fans hate Barun Sobti? Why won’t they allow any comment against Sanaya Irani?

BollywoodLife readers respond passionately to every story we publish, sharing with us their opinions and telling us exactly why they love or hate their favourite stars

Television celebs who drop in on households at prime time have a huge fan base. A few of the enthusiastic viewers logged in to tell us why they hate Barun Sobti and love Sanaya Irani so much.

Ever since Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon? on Star Plus ended, viewers have been requesting daily soap directors to cast Sanaya Irani and Barun Sobti together in a new show, ‘coz they simply can’t make do without their fave jodi every day. Now we know that Barun quit television to try his luck in movies, like so many TV stars do, but this decision did not go down too well with his fans. They believe that Barun is being rude and ungrateful to his ardent fans by ditching them…really? We picked our favourite comments that express this sentiment to a T.

Sunil Thakur: Barun Sobti is a quitter and his fans are crazy, becuz they end the ipkknd show becuz of Barun Sobti and he didn’t give a damn about you fans, when you were crying for him to return, did he return NO. Barun Sobti did what he wants and he doesn’t care what you wanted from him and he won’t listen to his fans. Barun and Sanaya are history get over it and bring in an new ASR man who we all trust and who is reliable like Mohit Sehgal or Harshad Chopra and not Barun Sobti he is unpredictable and untrustworthy.

Uslam: Barun Sobti we are going to give you or your family something to remember us IPKKND fans by and you will never ever forget us. We hate you so much because of IPKKND show has ended because of your fans and you Barun Sobti and your family will have to pay for it. If our IPKKND show is return with Mohit to be ASR then bygones would be bygones.

On the other hand, some who are bonkers about Sanaya Irani don’t wish to hear anything even remotely negative about their favourite young lady. When we said that we’d like to see the ‘talented’ actor do something different, anything besides rom-coms, readers responded aggressively with abuses et al, defending their fave star.

Sadaf: Sanaya Irani is an incomparable actress on Indian telly right now. Not one actress on TV does as well as her. It is torture to watch the other actresses after you have watched Sanaya. Enough said.

Prachi: I doubt who made u writers and who have given u jobs, u dont know ur work properly. Sanaya is d most versatile actress on tv so think before writing crap and oh sorry how u will think it need brain and u dont have that. Plz never come in front of me I will slap u. Sanaya is d best actress on TV.

Uffff… need we say more?