Anu Malik, Farah Khan are dumbfounded

While judging a talent show, they were astounded by a budding artist who made a portrait within a minute

In the forthcoming episode of Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, you will see Farah Khan drop her jaw and Anu Malik fall silent. All thanks to the talented painter Dhaval Khatri from Gujarat. The artist, who lost both his hands in an accident eight years ago, dropped in on the show and left the judges stunned by creating a painting within a minute. Later, the courageous guy also created a painting of Anu Malik (also within a minute) in front of the audiences and gifted it to him. Farah and Anu were so touched that they didn’t know what to say. Now it takes a lot to get the two judges dumbfounded, doesn’t it? Kudos to this young artist for managing to do the impossible!