Anurag is a shit actor: Anurag Kashyap

The filmmaker prefers to work with people who understand his work. But That Girl in Yellow Boots was the last film he will make with the woman who understands him best: his wife, Kalki Koechlin

Last Train to Mahakali, Paanch, Black Friday, No Smoking, Hanuman Returns, Dev.D, Gulaal, Mumbai Cutting, That Girl in Yellow Boots and soon Gangs of Wasseypur – Anurag Kashyap insists on taking the unbeaten path in his directorial career. And there is generally strife, discomfort, delay and no guarantee of happiness at the BO with any of his films. Each has a darkness at its heart, coated many times over with layers of plus and minus emotion, the execution almost immaculate each time, but not always liked by critics or audience. This could be because of Anurag’s insistence on working only with people “who understand my work and who I understand. It is about the relationship. I work with people who discuss content, not recovery,” he has said in an interview. But he has done a stint – though a rather short one – as an actor too. Was it memorable? Check out moments from Black Friday, Luck By Chance, I Am, Tera Kya Hoga Johnny and Shagird and tell us if you want to remember. We don’t really think Anurag wants to, since he says, “Whenever I have acted, I did so because of majboori. Anurag as an actor is a sh** actor.” What can we say to that one!