Anurag Kashyap and Huma Qureshi: What’s going on?

With director-producer Anurag Kashyap tweet-ranting against a tabloid that dared to link him with his Gangs of Wasseypur star Huma Qureshi, we have to wonder if there is a kuch-kuch going on between the two….

Anurag Kashyap tends to say it like he sees it. The filmmaker rarely minces words and has often taken on bigger personalities than himself in a war of ifs and buts. And when it comes to taking criticism, the filmmaker does not take it well, especially when it comes from the media – he has gone on record and lashed out against some of the better known film journalists. And this time, he has done it again!

This morning a leading tabloid carried a story about Kashyap being involved romantically with his Gangs of Wasseypur actor Huma Qureshi, suggesting that wife Kalki Koechlin was blissfully unaware for a long time about her husband’s shenanigans. The tabloid insinuated that there was now stress between husband and wife, which could lead to a separation.

True? Not true? We have no idea and, honestly, we would prefer that it was not in any way true. But the insinuation sent Anurag into assault mode on Twitter. From accusing the paper of rehashing old news – and rumours that Anurag and Huma are in coochie-coo mode have been doing the rounds for a while now – to demanding that the publication investigate unrelated stories, Anurag’s tweets have been colouring the microblogging site a gorgeously outraged crimson.

This is how the filmmaker put it:

Tweet no 1: UGLYAnurag @ankash1009: Mumbai Mirror is so consistently full of shit.. creating deliberate news when there is none..

Tweet no 2: Mumbai Mirror you really want breaking news investigate why TOI started the TOIFA awards suddenly when they already have a Filmfare

Tweet no 3: And find out why artists in the city of Vancouver are upset with their cultural fund being given out for bollywood awards.

Tweet no 4: Investigate your stories. Don’t copy paste #mumbaimirror

Tweet no 5: Here is the story you don’t publish #mumbaimirror

Now we aren’t poking deeply into anybody’s private life here, but wethinks that smart folks can add two and two together and draw their own conclusions. So if Kashyap protesting too much? If he trying to make a point or hide one? Or is he being a justifiably annoyed husband and clearing the air? You tell us….