Anurag Kashyap praises ‘Rockstar’ but calls Nargis Fakhri a casting error

While the Dev.D director is wholeheartedly supporting his friend Imtiaz Ali’s film, he admits he wasn’t all that impressed by the debutante’s acting skills

When you watch Anurag Kashyap and Imtiaz Ali’s films, you may consider them totally opposite. After all Dev.D and Jab We Met are just poles apart. Yet, unlike two other directors who constantly rip each others’ films apart – these two have always supported the other’s films. So it was no surprise when immediately after watching Rockstar, Anurag took to a microblogging website and tweeted how much he loved the film, how great a work his friend has done, what a great performance by Ranbir Kapoor, blah blah blah. That sent his followers rushing to the theatre to watch Rockstar. Many came away agreeing totally with Anurag, except on one point – Nargis Fakhri. When Anurag claimed Nargis is an asset to the film, he received a lot of flak from his followers. That flak increased so much at one point that Anurag had to finally admit, “I won’t argue there.. he (Imtiaz Ali) did go wrong in casting.. but after having cast someone, you get used to the personality so its diff (difficult)” He also promised all those who hated the film that he will give them a chance to air their views to Imtiaz. We wonder though, shouldn’t he be taking them to meet Nargis instead? We are sure her sweet charm will bowl them over even though her histrionics failed to do so. What do you say, Anurag?