Anurag Kashyap raves about his heroes!

The Dev.D director has won himself many fans thanks to his ‘hatke’ films. But he recently found the opportunity to behave like a gushing fanboy at the recently held Jameson Empire Awards

Even those exalted beings that are Bollywood celebs have their idols and every once in a while they are able to behave like fans themselves. There is a lot being said about B-towners’ reverse-celeb moments. Late last year, ‘Rockstar’ Ranbir Kapoor got a chance to meet soccer star Lionel Andres Messi; Shahrukh Khan went gaga over Lady Gaga during her visit, even interviewing her on television. And recently filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was preparing for his special moment; in a post on Twitter he said, “Off to London to attend the Jameson Empire Awards. Hope will meet all my heroes from Scorcese to Woody Allen to Fincher. Nahi to koi point nahi”.

Kashyap is one filmmaker who has one of the most exhaustive film libraries in B-town and religiously collects books and DVDs every time he travels abroad. He is also one of the rare individuals who doesn’t mind people (especially young film enthusiasts who can’t afford to buy original DVDs) downloading movies illegally. He watches a lot of world cinema and some of these influences can be seen in the kind of films he makes and produces. Perhaps this is why he was invited to represent the Indian film industry for the first time at the Jameson Empire Awards.

And he went and did not conquer, not completely, at least. A slightly disappointed Kashyap tweeted, “So no scorcese or woody allen.. Met Tim Burton, Gary Oldman, and Michael Fassbender though.. got pictures like a fanboy #jamesonempireawards.” Wethinks it must have been a great experience and hope he comes back with more ‘hatke’ ideas for his next films!