Anurag Kashyap’s Doga moves ahead

The Dev.D director has been busy with his production and directorial ventures, but has made progress on his plans to make a desi superhero flick

It has been years since Anurag Kashyap announced that he was making Doga, perhaps Bollywood’s first movie starring a desi superhero. Kunal Kapoor was said to have beefed up for the role and his shirtless photographs were published in many leading dailies. Post that, nobody heard about the film and Kashyap got busy with other projects.

Doga didn’t seem to be happening at all and we had just about begun to feel sorry for the Kapoor munda, who had worked so hard for the part, when there was some light shining on the whole plan. We heard that there has been some development with regard to the project. Kashyap recently shared a link by Alok Sharma on Twitter. He said, “Preview of my Doga Miniseries launched by @ankash1009 in Delhi..the book is a neo-noir style retelling of Doga‘s origin.” Apparently the project is still on the hatke filmmaker’s agenda, and we are eager to watch Kunal Kapoor as Doga… whenever it happens!

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