Anusha Rizvi’s Afeem based on Amitav Ghosh’s book Sea of Poppies

The Peepli Live director is all set to make a Bhojpuri film based on Amitav’s book Sea of Poppies, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize award (2008)

Anusha Rizvi’s second venture is titled Afeem (opium), and she has decided to make the film in Bhojpuri instead of Hindi. When asked about it, she said that the language works beautifully in the movie’s context since it is going to be a period film set in Bihar. Trust Rizvi to work on such challenging concepts. Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies dealt with a range of characters – from stowaways to sailors, and how they all land together in the same ship, and how their lives, in an uncanny way, are connected to each other.

We can already imagine the kind of hardships Rizvi will face while making this flick. We hear that the film is going to be a musical, but don’t expect random running around the trees dance numbers. Keeping in mind the flavour of the book, everything is going to be pretty aesthetic, giving an authentic taste of Bihar. The director and her crew have already started their research by travelling to the outskirts of the city and scouting for talented musicians who have good knowledge of traditional Bihari music.

It seems Rizvi is getting the much needed help from her dad Mujib Rizvi who is a linguist. Also, supporting the project in his own way is Prof Shahid Amin who is a famous historian.

Let’s see if this period drama can match the intensity and pace of Ghosh’s book!