Anushka Sharma doesn’t want anyone to kiss her hands!

The actor is going all crazy and wacky in the recent song Oye boy Charlie from Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Anushka Sharma looks super funky in Oye boy Charlie. The Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola babe is super high on energy in the song. And as she indulges in some fun karaoke singing with her girlfriends, Pankaj Kapur is seen grooving away to glory with a bunch of dynamic South African dancers. Oye boy is one of those tracks that bring your naughty self and an impish grin to the fore. As Anushka conveys how she finds Arya Babbar extremely repulsive in the song, on the other hand her soft corner for Imran Khan is quite prominent. The feel of the lyrics and the people starring in it are so vibrant that this one definitely qualifies to be a lost in translation piece…

Oye boy…. oye boy…

Oh ladke…oh ladke

Oye boy oye boy Charlie

Oh ladke…oh ladke Charlie

Tune dil ki baazi maar lee

You heart’s gamble have hit

mere ird-gird na ghuma kar

My around surround don’t roam

mera haath vaath na chuma kar

My hands-vands don’t kiss

Tere scent vent ki khushboo mein

Your scent vent in fragrance

Main khoyee khoyi si rehti hoo

I lost lost remain

Mujhe sab log chhedte rehte hain

Me everyone keeps teasing

Main soyee soyi si rehti hoo

I sleeping sleeping I am