Anushka Sharma finds Vidya Balan stylish!

Anushka Sharma finds Vidya Balan stylish!

We hope the Band Baaja Baaraat babe is just joking

Ever since Vidya Balan delivered award-winning performances in back-to-back hit films like Ishqiya, Paa, The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, she’s become a favourite pin-up gal for anyone and everyone. While some rave about her excellent acting chops, some can’t get over her gumption to swim against the tide in Bollywood.

But for the first time we heard someone is impressed with voluptuous Vids’ dressing style. And we fell off our cushy chairs. In an interview to a well-known film glossy, Anushka Sharma said that the Balan babe is the most stylish actor in B-town. Really? ‘Coz we are bored to tears watching the Ghanchakkar chick trying hard to hide her curves in the Indian garb.

However, the Band Baaja Baaraat babe’s got her reasoning for putting Vidya high on the style pedestal. The 23-year-old leading lady says, “She knows who she is and she will wear clothes that suit her!” Agreed! But isn’t Vids favourite piece of clothing, the sari, a perfect escape from the work-out and diet routines?

We think it’s time Vidya indulged in some vanity, and spent some time in front of the mirror to know what we are saying. True, na? What do you think?

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    nice picture..


    i love u vidya………..plz act in malayalam movies….

  • Arjun Narayanan

    Do u have a thing against Vidya… Wondering why u guys find sth wrong in everything she does! Guys… Give her a break

    • manali

      ya actually… even i felt the same….

  • manali

    VIDYA is a real women, not a fakester whos running behind size zero…. so chill… n shes an actress and a beautiful one…. love you vidya

    • rehana

      i agree with you ,arjun narayanan.

    • rehana

      vidya is superb and i love her stop to find wrong in everything she does.

  • Rohan

    Why Do u Guys Always Take A Digg On EveryBody?Whts Wrong With u?Just Give Them The Right 2 Say n Wear Wat Ever They Want?They Dont Need 2 Take A Permission From u Right?n They r Not Compelled 2 Talk,Wear,Walk,Dance n Shoot A Movies As u like.So Give Da Actoress A Break.
    Post The Truth,n Speak Da Truth,Leave This Business Of Guessing Things,n Leave This News Of Vice Versa,
    u Know Wat u BollyWoodLifer I Really Annoyed
    n I Am Really Fep Up Of Reading Ur News.
    But I Wonder Why Do U Always Find SomeThing Wrong In EveryThing?
    Wat Do U Gain About Dat?Just Give People A Peace.
    I Am 1 Of BollyWoodLife Page Follower.
    ThrougOut My Following Ur Page I Only Saw U Supporting Aamir Khan n u r Not Taking A Digg On Him Kiu?
    U Always Rise This n Put This?O.M.G!