Anushka Sharma hits back at Deepika Padukone

Anushka Sharma hits back at Deepika Padukone

The Jab Tak Hai Jaan actor is supremely pissed off with reports over her alleged war with Deepika. So she decided to break the silence once and for all in a recent interview, thereby asking people to stop comparing Dippy with her – be it bagging a plum movie, brand endorsement offers or Ranveer Singh!

“There is no comparison between Deepika and me. Nothing links us. We do different kind of films. In fact, she has done more films. I’ve been choosy and not just picked up just about any role that came my way.

Look at the heroes; they don’t indulge in such things. And that’s why I find it easier to be friends with them. A friend of Deepika had called up (the media) to say that she is doing Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and not Anushka. My friends don’t call, do they? I am Anurag Kashyap’s and Rajkumar Hirani’s choice. She is Ayan Mukerji’s and whoever’s. I never pull anybody down. That makes me nice, right?

Stop throwing garbage at me since I don’t throw garbage at you. We call ourselves cool but we are actually not. I’m in a good position and nobody can take it away from me.”

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  • raj aryan

    luv u anushka

  • deepikafan

    i think this is all untrue ! i don’t think anushka will ever dare to say that ! and deepika’s PA doesn’t call anybody … it’s media just making up stories..

  • sasha

    anushka is stupid.. this girl needs to keep control of her mouth. deepika is better than you and you over act and unable to do anything. nosejob, lip job plastic

    • Rahul

      Anushka is 1000 times better than deepika.she has prove her acting skills in band bajaa barat nd rab ne she is more beautiful than deepika

      • ayush

        ghanta, anushka is doing over acting. Deepika is 10000 times better than that idiot anushka, lol.

  • shreya

    Anushka the joker faced woman of bollywood.. hate her…

    • asha

      Gee you must be really ugly and hate her for her beauty because you keep going in all of Anushka’s articles and posting the same thing!! either that or you are the joker face!! :)

      • Ronak

        No I think you are uglier. Calling another girl ugly like that. Perhaps she just doesn’t like Anuskha Sharma. Like her acting but I don’t really like her off screen or looks. Deepika is seems more sophisticated of the two.

  • Suri

    Wtf hppn to these child actors?…both of u,do ur job and try to talk less otherws you’ll be at the same list where amisha patel belongs….god,i liked that girl!!!

    • Hannah

      her words are being misconstrued by the media!! she told the interviewer to stop throwing garbage at her because the idiot was accusing her of stealing brands and manipulating offers!!!

  • meghna patel

    anuhska is a b***h.

  • layla

    I live in USA and a MD for plastic surgery. I can obviously tell when one has done nose n especially lip enhancing surgery here. She is fake n deepekia is naturally beautiful obviously. That’s why she is jealousy lovr u deepekia.

  • Ann

    Oh my, her upper lip is ugly. How could she be stupid enough to go for such treatments?
    She was a chapati face, and she will always be. Now, she has become a fulltime joker. Forget about watching your films, people don’t even want to look at your face!
    I believe the Indian youth talks about her only because she has been marketed by Yash Raj buggers.

    God, what is going on with these people, forever unsatisfied…!

    • Rahul sikri

      my anushka is not ugly, go to hell

  • ann maha pagal hai

    @ann:::u r very jealous of anushka sharma….go het some therapies for it….i am pretty much sure u r very kallooooo like deepika and hence support her out of insecurity….ann tu jayegi hell mai….kuttti haramzadiii…kalllooo maaaiiiiiiii deepika jaisi huh…and its not about just dark complexion…its about black heart also……!!!!!!
    @deepikafan:::::::: kis school se pade ho?apko english nahi aati…?????apko to anushka ka comment samajh bhi nahi aaya aur aap comment maaaarrrrr rhe ho……..

  • May

    Jealous much?

  • aliya

    its clear she is jealous of deepika

  • Menu

    Bitch alert!!