Anushka Sharma in a ‘Veer Zaara’-like film? No!

The Ladies vs Ricky Bahl actor’s role in her next film with Yash Chopra might be along the lines of a similar role in the veteran director’s 2004 hit 

The first time we heard Anushka Sharma has been signed on to essay an important role in Yash Chopra’s directorial comeback, we were indifferent. With Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif in the same film, we didn’t expect she’ll have too much screen time. Anushka may be a good actor – though we are yet to see evidence of that – but she just doesn’t make a good pair with SRK. It will be interesting to see how his chemistry will be with Katrina. Then we heard something that shocked us straight out of our chairs: the as-yet-untitled film is a sequel to Veer Zaara! And Anushka’s character is along the lines of Rani Mukerji’s in the film! What? Unbelievable, isn’t it? There is no official confirmation or denial about it yet, so we are really hoping this is one buzz that isn’t true. Veer Zaara may have its imperfections, and we would love to watch a sequel, but with Anushka in it? No way! We are sure even those who are not fans of the Shahrukh-Preity Zinta-Rani starrer will say the same thing. Yashji, Aditya Chopra, are you reading this? You remember why you didn’t take her for Ishaqzaade? Because she was too loud? Just keep that in mind when you make this film. ‘Cause we are rooting for Katrina!