Anushka Sharma manages to con Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh may have conned many women with his flirtatious ways in real life, including Ms Sharma, but in reel life, Anushka makes the Casanova taste his own bitter medicine

As the makers of Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl unfold interesting bits of their promos gradually, it gets easier for us to decode the triteness quotient of the movie. We think the story goes somewhat like this: an adept conman who earns his bread, butter, alcohol, etc by duping women, finally falls in love with a lady who turns out to be much better than him at the swindling game. As we sense a hint of Mr & Mrs Smith, Badmaash Company and many such movies in the genre in the film, we wonder what newness Ranveer, Anushka and Yash Raj Films will bring to the table…err…screen. When Anushka’s peppy number (Jazba) in the movie went on air recently, the makers of the movie made it a point to highlight in bold letters that SHE IS THE ONE WHO CONS RICKY BAHL. Well, we can’t deny that they are definitely running on the right track when it comes to playing the promotional game. After all, it does create the much required curiosity amongst the masses. But if you ask people like us who thrive on cinema, we smell nothing but staleness right now, but maybe our opinions will change after watching the next set of promos!