Anushka Sharma refuses to wear bikinis

Is the actor concerned about over-exposure?

Most of the ladies in B-town don’t think twice before agreeing to don a bikini for a film. They actually go out of their way to get the perfect bikini bod and even publicise it a lot. It is not that Anushka hasn’t donned one onscreen earlier. Remember Badmaash Company? She really sizzled in her bikini in that film. So why doesn’t this gorgeous gal want to flaunt one again? Anushka revealed in a recent interview, “I need to make every character I play believable. So I decide my dresses accordingly. Yes, there are films where girls wear revealing outfits jut for the heck of it. Sorry, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl is not that kind of film.” As much as it disappoints us, wethinks Anushka – after just five films – has wisened up enough to know that what is revealed is hardly as intriguing as what is kept covered.