Anushka Sharma says nothing brewing with Sidhartha Mallya!

The Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola babe quickly clears her name of the latest romance rumour

A few hours ago we told you that the good-looking Sidhartha Mallya whisked away the pretty Anushka Sharma in his swanky personal airplane, the Airbus A320, for some rest and rejuvenation in London. So just we were trying to locate the missing pieces (read: how they unlikely people two got together in the first place) the Band Baaja Baaraat babe’s spokesperson saved us from the trouble of snooping around for juicy details.

The statement not only clears her name of the controversy, but also expresses the petite’s lady rage. It reads: “The story is completely baseless and untrue. Also no one from the publication got in touch with either Anushka or anyone else from her team, and instead chose to incorrectly mention at the end of the article that “she was not available for comment”. It is appalling that while the other party (Sidhartha) was spoken to and their version carried in the story, the journalist chose to go ahead and print the article without getting our perspective.”

We get it that nothing is cooking between the two unlikeliest of people. We appreciate the quick denial. But when Anushka and her likes ignore other rumours – anyone remember Ranveer Singh stories? – does that mean there is fire hidden deep under all that smoke?