Anushka Sharma: Shahrukh Khan doesn’t say what is politically correct

Anushka Sharma: Shahrukh Khan doesn’t say what is politically correct

Anushka Sharma thinks people don’t get Shahrukh Khan because he’s honest and not politically correct like others

“Shahrukh Khan has always been the same. People misunderstand him. Those who speak their mind honestly don’t find any favours from people here. Instead, they praise the diplomatic ones. According to me, Shahrukh always speaks the truth; he doesn’t say what is politically correct. He has always been well behaved and has never looked down on me. He’s never made me feel less experienced. He could have done that but he never did.”

- Anushka Sharma

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  • anonym (germany)

    politically and to his Co-stars he may be correct, but not privately….. there he behaves like a piglet….how long still want to lie SRK and Plastic Chopra the People? nobody is blindly. Lalarukh by Filmfare Awards on PC`s Side… and where is Gauri? since Colour-Screen Awards nobody sees them more…. want to demonstrate the Adulterers that PC new Mrs Khan is? forget it….. this nobody will accept, one will hate them both…. wish for SRK and Plastic Chopra: go to the Hell

    • Ahmad

      tou Ghori k itne fikar na kr mere bhai…agr Ghori shahrukh khan aur PC k affair pe itne pareshan hy tou Shahrukh ko chor kun nahi dete …she can doo it atleast she is dominating lady of Bollywood.

      • Ahmad

        Ghori is happy thats why still living with shahrukh khan .u dont take their tensions on head. in married life misunderstandings , fights are the part of life. dont we common people have such issues with our spouse ?

    • kojak

      du warst wohl dabei, als die beiden angeblich was hatten. hast vielleicht noch die kerze gehalten? wenn ja ok ansonsten sei nicht so blöd wie die journaillie und verbreite andeutungen, die nur zu lügen und verunglimpfungen führen

      • lola

        Kojak, that’s true words

    • smsm

      interest with ur matter and leave him stupid person. look to ur life first and speak about other.dirty mind .srk is human but dirty people with dirty mind like u will not feel love and speace