Apart from films and Kareena Kapoor, what is Saif Ali Khan obsessed with?

Films and Kareena are not Saif’s only obsessions. Read on to know more…

We know that Saif Ali Khan is obsessed with films and his wifey Kareena Kapoor Khan, but do you know that these are not Nawaab’s only obsessions? So what is it, you ask? Well, it’s books (Read ‘k’ in books and not ‘b’). Saif, who was shooting in Lucknow for his next film Bullett Raja opposite Sonakshi Sinha, showcased his passion for reading books. “Saif is an avid reader. He always had a book in his hand and read it during his free time. He also makes it a point to add new reads in his collection,” says a source from the production team.That’s not all. He even suggested a few books to the people on set.“Saif encouraged a few people on set to read a certain kind of book and even recommended them with a few names,” adds the source.

So if you thought that peeps from B-town only read scripts, then you’re wrong. Anyway, so book reading was the obsession we were talking about. What did you think? Wink wink