AR Rahman: Being home is the best place to be during holy fasting!

The musical maestro is on a month long visit in India

AR Rahman is on a rare month-long visit home and he is making the best of this month-long stay in India, his longest visit home in a year. Besides spending time with his wife, children and mother Rahman is also here to take a quick look at his music school in Chennai, of which he is rightly proud. Speaking on the growth of the school Rahman says, “It all started because I felt talented kids with a musical aptitude didn’t know where to go.The older generation of musicians seemed to be tuned into traditional musical instruments and ragas while the youngsters were getting more and more involved with electronic music and gadgets. I wanted a meeting-point where young students could learn about music in its various forms and interpretations.”

Today the maverick musician, straddling India and the West effortlessly is proud of the progress made by his school. “By God’s grace, the school is now a college. It’s like my extended family. Every student is important to me.I share a parent-child relationship with each one of them.I want them all to go out in the world as well-versed musicians. That’s the aim with which this institution was started.” Luckily for Rahman he doesn’t have to worry about the day day-to-day working of the music academy. “My sister takes care of it.She is running my dream-institution beautifully.”

Every year, no matter which part of the world he is is, our global musical icon AR Rahman likes to be home for Ramzan and the holy fast. Speaking softly as he conserves his energy for the long day of culinary abstinence ahead Rahman says, “It makes sense to come back home for the holy month of Ramzan for many reasons. Firstly it’s a time when one needs to be close to one’s roots , home and family. Secondly, looked at from a practical point of view, the days are far too long in the the US. By the time it’s sunset it’s a good 9-10 hours of fasting , and that’s tough. Being home is the best place to be during the holy fasting.”