Arbaaz Khan: I am the only director of ‘Dabangg 2’

Salman Khan is not directing Dabangg 2. And brother Arbaaz Khan makes sure that everyone in tinsel town is clear about that

If you happen to see Arbaaz Khan walking around with a frown, there’s a reason behind it. The actor-turned director was miffed with reports of Salman ghost directing Dabangg 2 circulating in the media. But Arbaaz denied all the rumours, “I agree Salman is extremely experienced and we’d be stupid not to take his advice.” In fact, the Khan Brother also said that everyone on the sets, right from the spotboy to the actors are welcome to give their suggestions. While Arbaaz listens to everyone he does exactly what he feels is right. “It’d be stupid of me to sit rigidly with my ideas thinking there’s no other way of doing a shot.”

But listening to everyone doesn’t mean Arbaaz is sharing his responsibilities as a director. “I don’t know why people think I’m likely to falter as a director. Sure, I’ve got a talented team. But at the end of the day, only I am the director of Dabangg 2. I am not a novice in this field. I come from a family where my father (Salim Khan) is a reputed writer. I have 45 films to my credit as an actor. It’s not as if I am just walking onto a set for the first time,” he said. Point taken, Mr Director!