Arbaaz Khan: You should be able to laugh at yourself!

Posted Sat, April 20, 2013 12:00pm IST

Mostly seen in serious or grey roles in films like Fashion and Hulchul, Arbaaz Khan will now be seen as a judge on the 16th season of Comedy Circus

On the show, the participants do not spare any one and are often seen taking a potshot at Archana Puran Singh, who has been with Comedy Circus since the beginning. Arbaaz replaces his brother Sohail in the judge’s seat. Arbaaz Khan is confident that he can take jokes on himself as he has a good sense of humour

Praising Archana Puran Singh, Arbaaz said: “Archana does it very gracefully. They crack so many jokes. Sometimes it looks so exaggerated and over the top, so you should have the ability to laugh at yourself.” “I think I have got enough humour and I have the capacity to take a joke on myself and that’s the reason I am here,” he added.

Arbaaz feels that audiences understand that it’s being done in good humour and so do the judges. “We really don’t know what is really hitting below the belt, but whatever it is, you have to understand the intention is not to harm you. If we have the ability to sit on the judge’s chair and enjoy jokes cracked on others, we should have the ability to take the jokes on ourselves too.”

When asked if the show came to him because Sohail Khan got busy with his directorial venture Mental, which stars Salman Khan in the lead role? He said, “I was open to do something on TV. Many things came my way, but they didn’t excite me. When Sohail got busy, they (the channel bosses) wanted somebody to replace him. They have their own parameters and they felt they needed me… they approached me. Sohail did it for two years, it’s a long period of time.”

Comedy Circus will familiarise viewers with the other side of Arbaaz’s personality. “The show gives an opportunity to let people know me and get a glimpse of me. Maybe there is some amount of seriousness attached to my personality – no nonsense type, who does grey roles.

“TV is something where you can’t escape. If you are not playing a character, then your personality will come across. How real is he? What are the things he talks about? They can form a different opinion about me post the show,” he added.

He is no stranger to show and knows the format. “It’s not that the whole show is alien or unknown to me. It has been going on for seven years. There have been innumerable episodes. I am aware of what the nature of the show is and this show is about having fun. Sohail wanted me to do it. He said that I should do it. He just made it easy for me to make up my mind,” the 45-year-old said.

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