Are Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra repeating themselves in Dhoom:3? Watch video!

While Jr Bachchan is carrying his age-old angry expression perpetually, the Chopra lad continues to indulge in his buffoonish antics in the promo of the third installment of the year’s much awaited action flick that looks promising ( to use the word generously) thanks to the presence of Aamir Khan and the fiery Katrina Kaif

We at BollywoodLife refuse to believe that Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra have become the soft targets of the common man’s cinematic spleen. Even the major section of the media is sniggering secretly at the oldest ‘components’ of Dhoom franchise. The duo has become a topic of discussion for their ‘gloriously repetitive’ appearance in the soon-to-be released action movie.

Ever since the film’s promos have released, cine goers are excited to watch Aamir Khan doing the baddie avatar. Surprisingly, Katrina Kaif’s scorching screen presence has also become the talk of juicy discussions at water coolers in many corporate offices as the leggy lass’s beauty has set the temperatures soaring. Clearly, Aamir and Kat are the major draws of the movie, while Abhsishek and Uday are apparently being sidelined on the poster and even at promotional sprees for the film.

It’s an open secret that Dhoom movies always belonged to the villain. While John Abraham became THE John Abraham as he rode off with his swanky bike with a cheeky dimpled smirk on his face to win audiences over in the first part, Hrithik Roshan’s divine persona, his effortless dancing ability and fabulous performance took the movie to another level. And now you have Aamir all set to flaunt his nothing-less perfect craft in the third part.

For those who are looking forward to catch up this movie now fear that how would they endure Abhishek Bachchan as he will be seen totting guns and chasing to outsmart the baddie Aamir with a stoic angry expression pasted forever on his face. And Uday Chopra’s buffoonish avatar is only going to heighten the torment of the audiences who are eager to watch the superstar Khan and the explosive Kat.

Now you tell us BL readers will Abhishek and Uday stick out like a sore thumb in this one? In other words will the duo be the dhoom jodi or will they simply doom with their relentless repetitions?