Are Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s recent ad pics Photoshopped?

The actor faces the cameras for the first time post her pregnancy for an advertisement for Kalyan Jewellers, a South jewellery brand

As Aishwarya Rai Bachchan returns to work, we are sure her fans are delighted by the idea of getting to see her onscreen again. But when we saw the posters of the ad campaign posted by the brand on a social networking site, we couldn’t stop gaping at her. Her face looks wonderfully toned, and since only the upper portion of her body is visible, we can’t figure out if she’s really lost weight or if the pictures are heavily Photoshopped.

The ad has been shot aesthetically, which gives an impression that Ash is floating in golden-hued water. Ash was last spotted with baby Aaradhya in June this year, and it’s quite surprising that she has got back to her lean self within a matter of two months, or as we said before the images might be a result of heavy editing.

Her fans though are going gaga about her pics and even the people who have worked with her on this ad are all praises for the lady. And it seems everyone who has worked with the superstar earlier – from the cameramen to the spot boys – greeted her excitedly on the sets of the advertisement shoot recently.  Ash has already shot for the ad across various locations in Mumbai.

So now that she has gradually started taking up work, we hope she goes that extra mile to lose all the cellulite (so that the makers have to spend less time in the editing room). Especially since the brands have invested big money in her. But if this particular jewellery brand has no qualms about Mrs Bachchan’s current shape and size. Who are we to complain!