Are Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor fooling themselves?

Well, they are but not in real life…

We are just talking about the title track of Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor starrer Bewakoofiyaan which will hit the theatres tomorrow. The film also stars veteran actor Rishi Kapoor and looks promising. While the lead pair of this romantic comedy has promoted their film innovatively, we thought of doing same but in our own wacky way. So without thinking twice we decided to translate Raghu Dixit’s fabulous song Bewakoofiyaan in English literally! Sounds fun, hai na? In fact, it was but we are sure it would be funnier when you read the brand new angrezi version of Ayushmann and Sonam’s song. Read and enjoy…

Dil ko samjha bujha ke

Khud ko ullu banaa ke

Ullu seedha karta rehta hai

Jo wo toota nahi hai

Tujh se rootha nahi hai

Phir kyun aise dubka rehta hai

Heart cajoling

Himself fool making

Fool straight does things

If that broken not

You with angry not

Then why this hiding



Nakli dilaase, farzi khulaase

Galti pe parde ye daale

De kar ye jhaanse

Khud ko hi phaanse

Nuksaan mein dhoonde munaafe


False consolations, fake revelations

Mistakes on curtain putting

Giving deceiving

Himself only trapped

Losses in finding profits



Bematlab betuki si

Bekaar si, buddhu si

Bewajah bewakoofiyaan..


Meaningless, nonsensical

Useless, idiotic

Reasonless idiocies


So Bollywoodlifers tell us – did the angrezi version of Bewakofiyaan tickle your funny bone?