Are Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal arm-twisting ‘Heroine’ director?

Rumours are that both the lead actors have told Madhur Bhandarkar to incorporate changes in the script. But why? Isn’t the director the captain of the ship?

First we heard that Arjun Rampal asked his director Madhur Bhandarkar to change his supporting actor role in Heroine to the male lead. He didn’t want to be just one of the many male actors signed up for the movie. According to an online report Arjun had long meetings with the producers and directors on this issue. He admitted to it recently in an interview, “At this point in my career, I cannot do supporting roles. Heroine is a love story between the actress and the actor, played by me. It’s a challenge for me because I’ve never played an actor before.” Meanwhile, another report says that apparently even the leading lady Kareena Kapoor wasn’t comfortable getting intimate with Yeh Saali Zindagi actor Arunoday Singh, so she got Madhur to replace him with Randeep Hooda instead. The official version is that Madhur changed the actor because the role was altered. It’s common for film scripts to change even on the day of shoot, but in this case, it seems Madhur is stretching himself beyond limits to make his dream project Heroine happen. But why? As the film’s director, he is the captain of the ship so shouldn’t he be the one deciding who he will cast in his film? Or is it because Madhur is more desperate to make this film than the self-glorified great actors? While once in a while Kareena has exhibited some fine acting skills, lately she too has only been adding glamour to her films just look at Bodyguard, Golmaal and RA.One. And the less said about Arjun ‘wooden’ Rampal’s expressive face the better! So why is Madhur taking kowtowing to these two and agreeing to every single requirement? Is it market forces? Is it because the actors have an upper hand in this situation? All we can hope is that Heroine is be worth all this trouble!