Are Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor desperate to do a film together?

Are the lovebirds too desperate to work together?

It seems the two lovebirds are trying really hard to be a part of the same film

Not many know that Ranbir Kapoor did not want newcomer Pallavi Sharda to be a part of his upcoming film Besharam. He apparently wanted to do some besharami with his girl Katrina Kaif instead in the Abhinav Kashyap film.

Our khabroo tells us that Ranboo had strongly recommended Kat for Besharam. But since the director and Pallavi are reportedly a little more than just good friends, Abhinav went ahead and finalised her opposite the Kapoor lad. The khabroo also added that even after constant feelers from Ranbir, the director stuck to his decision. Eventually, Ranbir had to give in.

After hearing this, we can now definitely say that Ranbir and Kat are trying quite hard to spend time together by being a part of the same project.

Had they been cast together in Besharam, wethinks it would’ve been quite interesting to see the hot couple’s off-screen chemistry reflect onscreen, again!

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  • HD

    Fail to understand if the media just speculates these idiotic news or the heroine herself promotes these junk articles through her PR… Why would an ambitious young thing like Ranbir want his girlfriend in each and every one of his movies? And the girlfriend the sweetheart that she is keeps rejecting every single one of them? Ranbir must be a saint to put up with this knucklehead. And directors rejecting her is a no brainier, she cannot act period…

  • Neeyati

    I think ranbir was right.kat and ranbir are really too good and their chemistry is awesome.for me ran kat is the b-town’s number 1 Jodi.

  • AnilJ Singh

    Ranbir is an excellent actor and he can act with anyone, it is absurd to suggest that his skills are somewhat better with only certain female actresses.
    All Indians should be proud of this lad.