Are Katrina Kaif’s outfits in Dhoom machale song original?

Posted Fri, November 15, 2013 6:33pm IST

The Dhoom:3 title song is out. Did you watch it? Did it impress you? Well, neither the audio nor the video was what we expected and we’re more than just disappointed…

The song Dhoom machale from Dhoom:3 was awaited by all. The number is a signature of the franchise and both Esha Deol (Dhoom) and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Dhoom:2) were sizzling hot in their versions. But when we saw Katrina Kaif doing her jiggy thing in the latest version, we weren’t quite impressed. But forget about her dance for now and take a look at her costumes in the song. Are Kat’s outfits sexy, hot or just copied? Find out…

At the beginning of the song, Kat is seen in a black catwoman-style outfit. It does look like it has been inspired by the sexy Anne Hathway’s costume in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. The red and gold corset bodysuit that Kat wears is similar to that sported by Rihanna in a stage performance, except that RiRi’s had not red in it. And the pink bra outfit teamed with a hot pink cover-up…sexy? Umm… no! The Dhoom:3 babe looks pretty in the lime yellow dress and those fabulous shoes. That could be ‘coz she isn’t doing too much skin show in this one! The last and the least lustrous is the gold outfit – it looks like Kangna Ranaut’s costume from Krrish 3, only in a different colour, doesn’t it?

All in all, it’s not just Kat’s dance moves in Dhoom machale which are disappointing, but also her clothes. So blah… and copied! We thought that Aamir Khan’s lady-partner in Dhoom:3 would be overshadowed by the Perfectionist’s acting, but we certainly never expected her to be a copy Kat!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • vysh

    oh cumon dhoom 1 and d2 seem’d gud as they were tottaly westernised d3 song does not seemed copied out of all d 3 if u remember d1 song was all cheesy english popstar singing with 3 guys and d2 title song to be precise is total english song except d dhoom machale part ….. i wont say song ws fab bt we hav 2 agree dat only kat presence made d song watchable so d3 in fact is actually gud giv it a thought it is least copied of all d 3

  • Astrid

    U seriously got a problem with katrina.she looks gorgeous and her moves are always the best

  • momin

    yeh toh now you see me se chori karke laye ha costume….

  • Yash

    Boring song with repetitive dance moves

  • K

    What a joke, the outfits are copied? By your standards the only person who doesn’t wear “copied” outfits is Lady Gaga…

  • Anubhav Sinha

    I cannot agree with you more! First of all, the clothes she”s wearing are horrendous! Even a B grade heroine can dance and wear better clothes than her and have better expressions! I expected so much more from Aamir Khan, considering the kind of sophistication he brings in his movies! My eyes hurt after seeing this woman on screen!

  • kat

    u seriously have a problem wid kat or amir
    u r continuosly targetting kat without any reason
    dis is stupid, aarrgh!
    y y y???

  • Yaasin

    Seriously?? she’s not a copy-cat, all her costumes and accessories in the song does not resemble any dress that any other star has been seen wearing, and now the song, the song is amazing with a very good music + very good and understandable lyrics, and the choreography matches to this song perfectly, last but not the least her attitudes, catwalk in the song is totally mesmerizing, stunning, even people who are not a great fan of Kat have praised her and they have not found even a single mistake in this song, Katrina looks simply elegant, brilliant, fantastic in this song, not only in this song but in the whole movie ….

  • Rishi

    What is ur problem with kat U ALWAYS CRITICES

  • Pat

    Repetitive Dance moves.. plastic face … no expressions..

  • sheela

    I am sure she didn’t choose the clothes or the dance movements. That’s the costume designer and choreographer’s job. DUH!!!!

  • Kabir

    Dhoom 3 copied Jennifer Lopez”Live it up”
    watch carefully