Are Ranbir Kapoor and Ileana D’Cruz meant for each other?

So what that the Barfi! couple’s onscreen romance didn’t have a happy end in the flick? In real life wethinks the two good-looking singles make perfect partners!

We are not saying that anything is cooking between Ranbir Kapoor and Ileana D’Cruz. Instead, wethinks the good-looking singletons should bring alive some of the onscreen chemistry they shared in Barfi! into real life, as they have strong grounds to forge a successful relationship.

We already told you that hottie with a roving eye Ranboo wants to explore new age mantras for a successful relationship. The Barfi! actor said, “Since we live in a bungalow, I do have my privacy. But end of the year I will move into my own place. I would like to experience a live-in relationship.”

Now the newest, youngest and one of the prettiest babes on Bollywood block, Ileana D’Cruz has given her thumbs up to the non-legal romantic partnership. The South Indian actor isn’t a big believer in the marriage set up; in an interview she said, “Living in is absolutely great! Marriage restricts you and you get stuck. It spoils the relationship. Maybe I am wrong…I hope I am.”

So considering these two gorgeous Bollywoodians (one new, one not) have the same view on this particular aspect of life, don’t you think that they would make perfect partners? For each other, of course!