Are Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif faking their break-up?

Are Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif faking their break-up?
Yogen Shah

Rumours are doing the rounds that this beautiful couple has called off their relationship. Are these rumours really true?

Bollywood’s most talked about “alleged” love-birds, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have called off their relationship. That’s what everyone is talking about. However, each time such reports go viral, Ranbir and Katrina seem to kiss and make up. And wethinks that they have patched up yet again. Anyways, these reports started when the Kapoor lad and Kat were barely talking to each other on the sets of Jagga Jasoos. Generally, while shooting together, this couple used to spend their time together in between shots. So it was surprising to see the inseparable duo separated on the sets of Jagga Jasoos. However, now we hear that, this short break from each other is already history for the cute couple.

So, what happened? Well, like every other couple, Ranbir and Katrina have some differences. Reportedly, Kat was having issues with the commitment phobic Kapoor lad. Though he has been loyal to her over the past few years, he is still non-committal and sometimes the playboy in him is more active than the lover-boy in him. Reportedly, when he takes off on boy’s night outs, the guy switches off his phone. Well, though Kat denies being in a relationship, she can’t help but feel insecure about RK’s habits.

Anyways, our birdie tells us that all’s well between Ranbir and Katrina. Though they won’t be tying the knot anytime soon, they’re back together and were also spotted spending time with each other. We also hear that Katrina will patiently wait till the Kapoor lad is done frolicking around and is ready to gift her a ring.

So, had Ran-Kat actually taken time off to sort out their differences? Or were they just faking it so that people stop talking about them? After all, they are the talk of the town ever since their vacation pictures to Ibiza went viral; and more recently, their New Year’s together in New York. Is Katrina actually feeling insecure ‘coz of Ranbir Kapoor? The question that still remains is – will the playboy of B-town settle down with this sexy lady. Only time will tell…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • earthiana

    dont want to comment aftr all this drama that ur articles have created speechless and bore…….. catch other couple yaar rkkk saga is really getting hyped and bored leave them

  • Sudheer Yadav
  • Malenna Corredor

    Yes i think is Katrina’s PR strategy to keep #1 spot on India’s most Search celebrity….when she is not longer using the benefit of the push of Salman, Ranbir does not have same hugebfan following, so she is bringing this fake break-up news which is the only ‘news’ for her this year…

    • hemant

      There was even news of deepika ranveer love saga yesterday. Its not katrinas fault that her stories always get more clicks than deepikas story. Even salman katrina story get more clicks than salman alone story . N jai ho seems wash out .

      • Shreya S

        I kinda agree. I think this site is deepika’s pr bcz off late there have been too many +ve articles abt her these days for such stupid reasons. Idk just my opinion

  • Sasha

    Total crap- publicity

  • Najat Razak Mumuni

    they didnt say they are dating or they have break up, so i think you cant cakk this fake

  • hemant

    Katrina is too good for ranbir. She should just dump jim. After hearing so much negetive comments on him on kwk from different celebs. Salman – dont let him have fun , arjun kapoor – playboy , akshay kumar – he would look at others asses , emraan hashmi – drop him ( ranbir ). Seems like he seems to have very bad reputation in tensil town . Katrina is being blind in love . She should leave him n move on . She deserves better. Kya guarantee that if she marrys him , he would be faithful. Its better she crys now than crying her whole life.

    • Shreya S

      She broke a married woman’s home, used and throw salman, made a fool out of rk and she deserves better? Hahaa tell me more. I have absolutely no respect for this woman

      • Fakrata

        Wow u tend to believe everything u read. Great!

      • Kia

        How could you even believe that? It’s people like you that cause stupid media to make any story they want and think people will buy it

  • Nitisha


  • pia

    dey shud nt seperate dey luk toooooooooooooo cute n hot together

  • dunno

    HEY KAT, Hrithik is now free. RANHOE DOESN’T DESeRVE YOU!

    • Rohini Verma

      I deserve Ranbir let me marry him.

  • Shreya S

    I want ranbir to go for someone else. He has time and again confessed his love for her while she just doesnt want to acknowledge the relationship. I feel his love is one sided. He comes from a good family and deserves respect in his relationship. Kat is said to be in a relationship with hrithik which caused the split between hr and suzzane. She looks like a gold digger. She will never make a good wife. Dump her

    • SD

      A gold digger? And go to hrithik? He’s a Kapoor n from such a big family and they’re in love so leave them alone. She has more class than half those stupid actresses like deepika who dated so many guys and leaves them when she finds someone more popular/rich. She dated mallya Til kingfisher went bankrupt then goodbye! Lol. She’s the real gold digger

      • Shreya S

        Ok fine. Thats ur opinion and i agree that she is no seedhi saadhi

    • Rohini Verma

      Yeah I hope he marries me I will keep happy forever as a wife trust me!

  • Melodysonglovealot

    wtf Katrina has ugly long box face and can’t act . She doesn’t love ranbir . Deepika did and the tatoo proves it so I hope there is no rankat but I wish there are chances of Randeep # ranbir + deepika = best Jodi ever

  • Fakrata

    Yes yes that’s what they do. Fake breakup because they have sooooooooo much free time. What a ridiculous article. PR or no PR, nobody wants trash to be written constantly in the media and Ranbir-Katrina are no different. If you don’t have other news to print, how about you stop writing such ‘fake’ bit of news too

  • SD

    Are you people stupid? They have normal small fights like regular couples and they make up obviouslyy. When you fight with your bf/gf do you turn if into a war for weeks?? No, it’s normal little things that you forget quickly. This article is so dumb and a waste of time. Leave them alone and let them be happy. Why don’t you write about the positive side of them fixing their differences?

  • rekha

    kat n ranbir i.e.,kabir, are the most cute couple of bollywood
    i hope that they will soon tie the knot…