Are Shahrukh Khan’s lines in ‘Don’ as memorable as Amjad Khan’s in ‘Sholay’?

Farhan Akhtar seems to be taking a route similar to that of Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay by promoting the film using the dialogues as a special feature

The King is back, says the poster of his forthcoming film, Don 2 and this time he seems to be angrier, power drunk and more vicious than his first outing as the bad guy who is wanted by the police of eleven countries. Unlike the first time, where the songs of the film like Ye mera dil pyaar ka deewana and Khaike paan Banaras waala, were used to promote the film, this time around the campaign revolves around the dialogues of the film. In a slick short video, Shahrukh Khan as Don is seen mouthing one-liners from the film. The dialogue-promos highlight the fact that Don is not just another bad guy who is out to make a quick buck, but that he is dead serious about being the bad guy and is enjoying every minute of it. One of the lines goes, “Don aadmi ka naam bhool sakta hai, par yeh nahin bhoolega ke usey dafnaaya kahaan hai.” (Don can forget the name of the guy he killed but not where he buried him). Another line goes, “Mujhe logon ka khoon karne ka koi shauk nahin, wohi mujhe majboor kar dete hain.” (I am not all that interested in killing people, but they leave me with no other option). The one that we liked the most is, “Taaqat ek nasha hai, aur main us nasha banane waali factory ka iklauta maalik hoon.” (Power is a drug and I am the sole owner of the factory that produces it). It might be too early in the day to compare Don 2 with Sholay, but the way the makers are promoting the film reminds us of the trend the Sippys had sparked off by releasing cassettes featuring popular dialogues from the Amitabh Bachchan-Dharmendra-Amjad Khan-starrer. While we are quite impressed by the film’s trailer, we are waiting for more from the makers.

Watch this space for what the Don says next! Meanwhile, tell us if what you think of the dialogues