Are the ‘Student Of The Year’ actors drunk?

The remixed version of Disco deewane from SOTY has started doing the rounds of various TV channels, but we wonder why these young kids find the night so intoxicating…

The trio of SOTY seems to be having the time of their lives, shaking their booty to the rejigged version of the 1981 hit number sung by Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan. The new crew has modified the song with funky beats, filmi lines and a series of pacey steps. Although the original composition still remains close to our hearts, we plan to stimulate ourselves – not by analaysing the differences, but by getting lost in translation. Have fun reading this crazy Hindi-English mish-mash of words…

Disco Deewane, aha…aha!

Disco crazy, aha…aha!

Nasheeli hai raat, haathon mein haath

Intoxicating night, hand in hand

Naache gaaye saath

Dance sing together

Disco Deewane aha…aha!

Disco crazy, aha…aha!

Saari saari duniya bhulake main toh tere naal nachna

Whole whole world forget, I am dance with you

Boy you could be, my one and only

Ladke tum ho sakte ho, mere his sirf mere

Main to tere naal nachna

I am dance with you

Then I see you lookin’ on me

Phir maine dekha tumhe mujhe dekhte hue

Aaja baat kar le dil ki

Come, talk about your heart

Hone lagenge afsaane

Started happening tales

You know it, so sing it

Tumhe pata hain, toh gao

Now do your hands up and say

Haath upar karke, bolo!

Disco Deewane, aha…aha!

Disco crazy, aha…aha!