Are top stars shying away from Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

Apparently, the Guzaarish filmmaker has knocked on every star actor’s door to get them for his next film. But so far everyone has turned him down

After a long time of writing and contemplating Sanjay Leela Bhansali finally decided his next story and script, but the big announcement is yet to happen. According to grapevine, its coz the maverick filmmaker hasn’t managed to get any of the actors to say ‘yes’ to his film. Bhansali approached almost every big name in his phone book; from his prodigy Ranbir Kapoor to one-time good friend Salman Khan. We don’t think it has got anything to do with the script. Some time back there was a report that the star director’s next film would be his usual fare of artistic tale. We still don’t know what the premise of his new story is! But we feel that the filmmaker’s unstable position at the box-office in the recent past could be a reason for actors shying away from him. Remember Saawariya and Guzaarish? Bollywood’s blue-eyed boy Ranbir has already done a performance driven drama Rockstar which didn’t exactly set the box-office on fire and it’s obvious that Salman wants to concentrate only on out-and-out commercial films. So their refusing Bhansali’s film is justifiable. Guess, Bhansali is left with no choice but to cast either a fresh face or a struggling actor. Well, there’s no harm in taking a new route Mr Bhansali, is there?