Are you on Shahrukh Khan’s side?

Are you on Shahrukh Khan’s side?

We are…we think. But our faith in the King Khan is starting to waver, because his devilish side is showing up a little too often, and the fracas at the Wankhede stadium at the end of the IPL match on Wednesday did not present his good face…

For some time now we at Bollywoodlife have been shamelessly cheering for our favourite superstar, Shahrukh Khan. Even as a few of our readers seem to think we are going all out to pull SRK down or be journalistically nasty to him, we have reported on whatever he says and does faithfully, quoting his tweets – if not him in person – whenever possible. We watch every film he is part of, even the robotically bad ones like RA.One, and cry when he dies many nights in a row as TV channels re-telecast Kal Ho Naa Ho or Dil Se. In other words, if you want to meet a committed group of SRK fans, come see us at Bollywoodlife.

But – and this is a pretty big but – right now we are wavering between wanting to give the superstar a nice big jhapaat for his bad behaviour and being willing to stand up for him as a father defending his babies. We will of course give him full credit for striving overtime to keep his son and daughter, along with other people’s sons and daughters that he committed to escort, safe that evening at the Wankhede stadium at the end of the Mumbai Indians-Kolkata Knight Riders IPL cricket match. If indeed he was protesting the security guards’ shameful treatment of the young people, we are fully on his side, cheering loudly as always, even as we tch tch a little at his vocabulary while he is doing it.

What really bothers us as a team is that SRK is losing his famous cool a little too often these days. He seems to be far more aggro than wethinks he needs to be, even though he has multiple worries to deal with – the crashing failure of Ra.One and the financial drain that must have been on his huge fund-bank, the persistent rumours of his dalliance with bootylicious co-star Priyanka Chopra, the seeming abandonment he could be feeling when his once-loyal core group of Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Farah Khan et al move on to doing films with rivals Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and anyone else who comes their way, stories about his wife Gauri Khan moving gradually away from him because of all this, and more. But does that warrant him losing his temper at trivialities? Taking panga with Aamir and Salman? Taking a swipe at Shirish Kunder?

Bollywood – and Mamata Bannerjee – is standing firm behind the troubled star. Twitter has been clicking out support from the who’s who of B-town, with tweets like:

Karan Johar: SRK is one of the best fathers I know and protective about every child. He was being just that, a protective parent!!! Why blame a man who was just reacting as a father… who wouldn’t have done the same in his place?

Celina Jaitley: “Speaking even as a new mother of twins, when it comes to one’s children a parent will go to any length to protect them, SRK is a good dad. When it comes to my children I would go to any lengths to protect them, he was being a dad at that moment… are stars not human?

Sujoy Ghosh: Read about the SRK incident. I think @iamsrk was very decent about the whole thing. I’d have ripped their heads off if it was my daughter (sic).

Anurag Basu: SRK’s behaviour is completely justified, I’d have smashed their heads if it was my daughter.

Vishal Dadlani: Straight up. Touch my family, I destroy you. No question. SRK was right.

Ronit Roy: I’ve got first hand reports of the fracas with @iamsrk. His daughter was touched and shoved. He protected. Well done Dad!! At Wankhede, SRK was a father, not just an actor… Please don’t expect a father to apologise for protecting his baby.. Satyamev Jayate (sic)

Raj Kundra: SRK Banned from a stadium?? Ridiculous punishment for a father protecting his children! I can see many celebs boycotting this stadium!

Whose side are you on?  Do you think the MCA and BCCI are right to punish him for protecting his children? Do tell us.

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  • Nina

    It was very ugly scene.
    Srk was in every right to protect his kids.
    How come Nita Ambani and her son are allowed to go on the pitch.
    We love Srk but this was ugly. He should have remained cool.
    It may be pressure from the family re priyanka and he has let it out.

    • bikash

      we have to support this poor guard because he has no power of money stardom nobody letion his voice ,so satyamevajayete!!!!!

      • Olga

        The guard is fearing his life! He was doing his job ! is this fair? I am eagerly awaiting for the video of the scene, i understand the police is trying to get it.

        • hadeel

          It is very clear that you like shahrukhkhan as you said above,I am also waiting for that video as it will be in the favour of shahrukhkhan but it is very disappointing that these cheap officials will not show it even the only photographer who took a video of all what happened was threatened to delete it by the officials and the police said that there will be no investigation,what does this mean to you fake shahrukhkhan lover.

          • Olga

            I am hoping just like you there is footage of what really happened. So things can clear for him. As it is now. we have a recording which only proves there was agresseive behavior from both parts. No,,who started the abusesing and nothing about the children. I am a fan of srk just like you. But not cause am a fan necessarily means i have to like or approve everything he does or say. In anycase i am still his fan, regardles of what he may have said or what you may think.

          • hadeel

            Dear olga,the father and kids who were with shahrukhkhan supported him and in the video,it was said that they are just kids ,let them play,but to your information,I can not believe that you are shahrukhkhan fan,how can you wish him bad luck and say that you are his fan,no you are not me,at first I was against him as our dear media reversed the truths but now I am with him with all my heart, and I replied to you above as you chose to cancel any reply to you

          • hadeel

            olga ,sorry I thought that you chose cancel reply ,i did not know about the rules of that site

  • S G Dhande

    Must behavior in public places with gracefully

  • lamia

    It was said now that there was no investigation in the matter,I hope there was as if there was,shahrukhkhan would be cleared innocent,the people in the stadium are with him.really sad

  • karan

    I am really surprised,is there any one who is against him in this matter,why people,hate him as you want but I really feel bad for him,he did a great thing but the media reversed the facts and made people against him,for me I respected him more,I do not know what about other mentalites.

    • rizwan

      i am with you on your thought..this the media who played the game not mumbai indians.

  • twinkle

    srk is totally correct at his place ..after all he is a father.

  • Olga

    There is no justification for talking like that to anyone, first of all there were not supposed to be on the grounds after the match. Second he reacted and a very agresive manner. Anybody else would have been arrested. Why should we feel sorry or bad he has been banned from the stadium. i am disappointed after i hearing the recording of the brawl. If he was protecting the children as he has said, there was need for such a deplorable scene. he should have been with them all along anyway not just pick them up. I really love you srk but you need to apologize this time and take responsibility for your acts too! You are not above the law!

    • rizwan

      and what kind of law he did break??as a father one should only wait and listen and watch his children being misbehaved by some bloody fools!!and even can not come to pick them up!!

  • kajol

    If these officials are so fair,why do they allow ambani son and preity zeinta to enter the stadium,the people in the stadium supported him ,the kids and their fathers,I know that his haters will use that matter against him but he is a human and dad,grow up indians and do not pretend to be ideal,even shahrukhkhan said before that if any one approached his kids ,he will show his other side.He is very honest,in his press conference,he did not deny that he abused but the officials are the ones who started ,it is very clear from the audio that he right and that he is not drunk ,the officials lied about the beginning of the matter ,they targeted him ad it is very sad to see some people against shahrukhkhan after that,and he mainly does not watch matches at that stadium,it seems that there is a big issue between him and them.I totally support him although I am not a great fan but really the police became so rude,they think that they can do any thing under the name of security

  • kajol

    And we do not know what these officials said to him,he said that they abused him and the kids there said that,it is also clear from the audio that he was provoked but the officials did not want to show the part they provoked him in and they also did not show videos of the matter,it was said that a photographer took a video of the matter but they forced him to delete it,this of course provokes questions.

  • sara

    I am egyptian and this is always the nature of the police ,our revolution was because of their behaviours with the public so if they do that towards shahrukhkhan ,the face of india ,then how they deal with usual people,you must clear your country from these people

  • anil

    shahrukh is totally wrong

    • rizwan

      how do you know??prove it or go to hell

  • tobi

    this is a scenario where one has to forget the stardom of srk and think him as a common man,a father. Who won’t get protective of their children?

  • anuj

    If I was sharukh khan I would be slap them all.

    “nita ambani kood k ground me uthar sakti hai aur bhajji ko jhappi de sakti hai, sharukh k kids corner me khade hoke wait nai kar sakte. ”

    Everything is coz of kkr win and they tried to show him down.

    • kanika

      So true..

    • rizwan

      you are absolutely right and i blame the ”chaar paiseki”media,they got a story for couple of days to play their ”mukhya samachar”.

  • kiran

    Yes of course,I am with him ,he is completely right,these officials are so cheap and the guard now acts and says he is afraid of being exposed to bad things from rich people,where do we live,why are people who must be called that they protect us ,do that to our children,I am really sad,all for publicity

  • kem

    why do always indian people speak about famous stars without regarding to their feelings,he is an actor so he is not human and he did some thing wrong although he had a reason to do then he is bad man,he is devil,he is villian,what is this rubbish that media writes,I am really disappointed that this is my country and those are my people

  • Sunny

    m with him 4 this issue.he is not my favorite star but i support him 4 this issue.its all happen because he is a big star.every1 is going 2 show him down but he is not like this.many time its happen in america but nw its also happpen in India again nd again. in India media is also responsible for all this type of persons plz investigate full report den show it all in tv channels.SRK khan have a family nd he love them all.if sum 1 do bad word or anything witt our family v will also react like this or much more can he do.Hey SRK tell dem all My name is khan nd m not a bad man.

  • sanaa

    indian people are very cruel,they do not respect their big star or deal with him as a usual human either.

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    I am in the side of the truth! For me, acusations by both parties against each other can be correct at the same time. Security guards might have blocked his daugther as she was running into the field and pushed her back. A drunken SRK quickly lost his temper to the guards as his daugther was blocked. He seems drunk in all of the pictures circulated through different websites. So, let the truth be revealed! But it is a fact that he has become a little bit arrogant and careless these days! Fight with Shirish and smoking in public at a stadium in Rajasthan are some examples!

    • kajol

      About drinking,shahrukhkhan does not seem drunk and his voice is very normal,there is no punishment against him if he was drunk but he denied that and he agreed that he be honest,I now believe every word he said after listening to the audio,he is a honest man

    • nikhil

      hello raj,it was just his anger,,he was not drunk…

  • Olga

    I didnt cancel a reply hadeel i love talking to other fans and i have enjoyed very much reading your replies and others. Unfortunately… For all of us i just read there will not be any further investigation. Just as you mention previously in your post. So we will have to live with what we have. . We are all in title to express our opinions. And many things can be said without insulting or putting down others. I truly love and admire srk and this is the reason i wish he would look at this from above and one more time would do what is right. I do not wish him wrong on the the contrary. I understand he was upset. that is not a crime. He has said himself he doesnt care he is banned! No matter how you put it the brawl was ugly and beneath him. SRK please speak about this once more for your own honor and for us your followers all over the world!

  • Mera

    I am shocked by the Indian media at the time we have become arround the world respect and appreciate Indian films just because of Shah Rukh Khan .he changed the image of Indian films in our eyes we see attempts to destroy him within his country instead of thanking him >>>Shame on you

  • nikhil

    hey website owner,i dont care a damn about your blog.ok..just be careful with your words abt king khan…he was just protecting his children,if u dont protect your children and let them manhandled,then its your cheap

  • Ralph

    HAHHA KING KHAn? more like LOSER khan now

  • Sonia

    This man srk thought he was above law! Salaa Bhawde..
    I think he is out of his mind because NONE of his films are doing good

  • Ralph

    This man is a lier! Nothing happened with his daughter.. no one touched her. This DRUNKARD just wants to make up lies to justify his wrong doing.

    • menna

      what is your proof,intelligent.all the people who were there supported him,even the audio shows his innocence and honesty,you are just sad as his innocence became a truth now,just try to let your hatred away,you will really feel comfortable

  • himal

    every body in this country should follow the law,please open your eyes shaharukh like hati and guard like chuha in every cornar ,so chuha teach hati about rules and law so hati angry this is the fact.

  • darya

    سلام من مطمئنم شاهرخ خان نميتونسته مست باشه.انشاءالله كه نبوده.اون ازبچه هاش دفاع كرده.اون انسان ونه فرشته ومثل هر انساني عصباني ميشه وانسان جايزالخطاست.براي چي بايد پنچ سال محروم بشه؟عكس العمل او رادر جايگاه يك پدر ببينيد ونه يه بازيگر .ولي شاهرخ خان هم بايد بيشتر براعصابش كنترل ميداشت بهرحال من طرفدار شاهرخ خان هستم واميدوارم ديگر حاشيه نداشته باشد من ميدانم كه اومسلمان معتقدي است ومست نبوده من حمايت ميكنم از او به نمايندگي از طرفدارهاي ايراني او.i love shah rukh khan.i am iranian fan.

  • darya irani

    شاهرخ خان بايد بيشتر مراقب باشه اين حاشيه ها ممكن باعث شهرت بيشتربشه اما محبوبيتش وكم ميكنه.درباره درگيريش با نيروي امنيتي حق با شاهرخ ولي كلا بايد بدونه كه جواب ابله هان خاموشي وسعي كنه حاشيه درست نشه.مادوستش داريم وتعجب ميكنم چرا اينقد باليوودي ها سكوت كردند وحمايتشون واز شاهرخي خان خانان نشون نميدن

  • Aruna Dharan

    Why are people relating this matter with common people? SRK is good father. I don’t believe that he would fight without reason. I know only that I love beloved SHAHRUKH KHAN. (I am Maharastrian)

  • r0ya from iran

    من از شاهرخ خان حمايت مي كنم و مي دونم كه شاهرخ بيهوده و بي دلبل عصبي نميشه…اميدوارم اين سوءتفاهم هرچه زودتربرطرف شه

  • zara

    دوست عزیز شاهرخ عزیز نیازی به حمایت بالیوودی ها نداره
    شاهرخ عزیز محبوبیتش جهانی
    انشاالله دیگه شاهد اذیت شدن کینگ عزیز نباشیم

  • فرانک

    من از شاهرخ حمایت میکنم……امیدوارم هرچه زودتر این مسئله حل بشه و دیگه نبینیم که شاهرخ عصبانیه….

  • daz21

    yes i support shahrukh khan. he never enter into any brawl without any reason.

  • Bany

    srk is right >> all support for shahrukh

  • saadat

    srk is right ,i support srk

  • Ezaz

    bollywood king khan.srk is right

  • archana

    there lots to being trendy these days rather than getting muck smeared as the cricket iplmuck. organic farming and horticulture is rocking these days. there is trend, glamour and money in indian agriculture.the best performances of srk as it is have been inthe best of the world,s lush green fields.right from the word go the real success whistles for srk have blown in the serene beautiful fields of planet earth. how about being a little thankful to our planet earth ,srk, in adorning yet another colourful feather in your already colourful crown ,of a indian farmer. think,plan and action.all the best .