Arjan Bajwa: ‘Tell Me O Kkhuda’ is not a woman-oriented film

The Fashion actor reveals there is much more to his latest film, which releases today

You probably remember him best from Fashion, where he played the struggling model Maanav. And you probably expected him to capitalise on the rave reviews he got for his performance. Instead, Arjan Bajwa chose “quality over quantity”. “I would definitely like to do more films, but I am making a conscious effort to work with whom I want to and I have been fortunate so far,” he said.

One such person is Hema Malini, the director of his latest film, Tell Me O Kkhuda. “Hemaji is a hard taskmaster. She is not lenient when it comes to work. She knows what she wants and gets it from us, in the way she wants it. At the same time, she is also open to our ideas.” But why a film like Tell Me O Kkhuda, that revolves mainly around the female lead played by Esha Deol, directed by her mother Hema and also starring dad Dharmendra? “I didn’t have any apprehensions signing it as Tell Me O Kkhuda is not a woman-oriented film. The story revolves around this girl who is in search of her biological roots, but it is also about the people in her life. I play her fiancé, a happy-go-lucky guy who is also a responsible fashion photographer and I am in 90 percent of the leading scenes,” he explained.

That doesn’t mean he is happy to just sit back doing the same kind of roles he’s been doing so far. “I love experimenting with roles. I would love to work in films from different genres. I am in the process of signing two films – a comedy and a thriller – but it’s not final as yet. I would like to do more intense roles too. In fact, my character in Lanka, my next film (which is expected to release in December), is very intense and aggressive,” he said.

Getting interesting movies is not very easy, especially when you are from a non-filmy background. “Actors with film background are definitely given the upper hand. They also have the advantage where they don’t have to fix an appointment to meet filmmakers, or try and build confidence in them about their work. People say that star kids have it hard as they are constantly compared to their parents, but then, who isn’t? And it’s a small price to pay. However, in the end, it all comes down to how talented you are. The audience has to like you, and you have to work and prove that you are worth it. Star kid or not, if you can’t act, you will be shown the door soon.” We wouldn’t have it any other way, right?