Arjun Kapoor: 2 States has more than the kissing scenes

Arjun maintains that the movie is about the journey of middle class boy and girl and what they  do to convince their parents for their partner

The young actor is hopeful that after the release of 2 States on April 18, the audience will start talking about the film.”Where most love stories end this begins. In most rom-com films we don’t see what happens after the romance. This film starts with romance and leads to when the couple decides to take the next inevitable step that is marriage.

“It is not done in contemporary way. It is the journey of middle class boy and girl and what they have to do to convince their parents for their partner,” Arjun said. When asked what he would do if in real life he faces a similar situation, Arjun said he would seek consent from family.

“I would do exactly what Krrish (the character in ‘2 States’) did. As I relate to the philosophy that if you love someone you have to go through all these obstacles. In ‘2 States’ the boy and the girl are very much in love but they want it (marriage) in a right way.

On live-in relationships in real life, Arjun says, “I think it is good…each to his own. I feel live in relationships are the right way to go ahead, if you are serious about someone, though the next step would be marriage but before that you need to see if you are compatible enough to stay together.