Arjun Kapoor believes in blood spill and not sweat spill

In Yash Raj Films’ suspense drama, Arjun as Aurangzeb strives for power and throne at all costs

Arjun Kapoor is all set to showcase his first double-role avatar in Yash Raj Films’ Aurangzeb. Directed by Atul Sabharwal, the movie is based on the ideology of the notorious and ruthless Mughal leader, Aurangzeb, who killed his own family for (political) power. Arjun plays Aurangzeb, the one who puts throne above kinship. We translated some power-packed, serious dialogues by Arjun and Rishi Kapoor and the result was anything but serious. Take a look!


Aurangzeb ka naam suna hai, jo gaddi ki khatir Baadshah ko qaid kar le aur dusro ko marva de
Aurangzeb’s name heard is, who seat sake king imprison and others got killed


Mera baap bolta hai launda uska moti khopdi ka hai, chala zara, check karte hai goli paar jaati hai ya bounce hoke yahi reh jaati hai
My father say is dude his fat brain is, walk little, check we do is bullet passes through is or bounce happen and here stay gone is


Paseena bahaane se kahin achcha hai khoon bahaao… apna nahin, dusro ka!
Sweat spill over far better is blood spill over… ours no, others!


Baadshahat bhai chare ko nahin dekhti
Kingship brother fodder no see 

Do you think Arjun will make an impact in this double-role? Let’s wait and watch!