Arjun Kapoor gets angry over questions of link up with Alia Bhatt

The Kapoor lad was not in a good mood at a recent press conference

Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s sizzling chemistry has been the talk of the town for quite sometime now. However, the Kapoor lad seems to be irked with all the reports about his and Alia’s brewing romance. At least that’s what his behaviour at a recent press conference suggested.

Alia and Arjun, who will be seen together in the upcoming film, 2 States are busy promoting their movie. The duo were at the press conference recently where the two were asked whether they were dating, after which Arjun, instead of giving a proper response, chose to shoot out a sarcastic rant to the journalist. “Yes you are right. We get along well. And when we work on a horror film, we will hate each other during the promotion! What do you expect?”, the Ishaqzaade actor replied.

That’s not all. He even remarked bluntly that the friendship he holds with his Gunday co-star Ranveer Singh and Alia was fake and it was only for show, as a laughing Alia looked on. “Everything is for show. My friendship with Ranveer is just for show too. And this friendship with Alia too, is for show,” Arjun further said.

The Aurangzeb actor stopped only after Alia interrupted by saying, “We even hit each other. But that’s only in jest and affection.”

Ah, well. When we ask them to clarify, they have a problem. And they say that we write without clarifying.